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You have reached the Wiki of Blue Oxen Associates. If you have reached this site in error, well, come and stay and have a look around anyway!

You may be looking for the Collab Wiki, which is our community-maintained knowledge repository for all things collaboration. (Hint: If so, use in the URL, not

Our mission is to help the world collaborate more effectively. As part of this initiative, we hope to share our knowledge, our ideas, and our practices as widely as possible. We use this Wiki as a notebook for much our work, and all of its content -- as well as everything else we publish -- is available under an open source license. You'll find brainstorming ideas, essay drafts, workshop curriculums, project notes, and more. You're free to use any and all of it for free; simply give us some credit when you do. We encourage you to add your own comments and thoughts here as well.

About This Wiki

If you're new to Wikis, we encourage you to read Collab:Wiki Zen and play in our Sandbox. Don't be shy about editing any page here; that's what this is for. Furthermore, don't be afraid of breaking anything; we can always revert changes.

This Wiki is one of the many Collab:Collaboratories that we host. While this collaboratory is specific to us, we also host a collaboratory for our entire community. This is a place where people can share wisdom with each other. We try to post as many of our ideas over there instead of over here, although ideas that are in the early stage or that aren't necessarily broadly accepted by our community are sometimes captured here instead.

You'll find that we link often to content listed on our community collaboratory. If you see links prefixed by Collab:, those links point to the community collaboratory. If you find yourself on a page with a lovely blue ox cartoon in the upper-left, you are on a community collaboratory page.

You can link to content on this Wiki from any of our other collaboratories by prefixing the page names with BlueOxen:.

The Company

Blue Oxen Collaboratories

Collaboratories specifically related to us include:

And of course, there's our community's collaboratory (link prefix is Collab:), which is for all of us.

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